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Schauspielerin Marie Bäumer Atelier Escapade Coaching Frankreich


Marie Baeumer Escapade Der Aufbruch in die Freiheit Cover_edited.jpg

Freedom finds its form

After 25 years of experience as an actress and drama teacher, I was tempted by the idea of using my method, which I had developed over the years, to also give people outside of acting a hand. Everything is already there – built into us – just waiting to be brought to life. Learn more about it in my book:

ESCAPADE - The departure to freedom!  


link to book


What is the ESCAPADE:
It's a way of life

It's also a philosophy of life

It is the motivation to unlock the essence

It is the engine that drives us to recognize and implement our visions and dreams

It is the idea of doing this in this life and not in the next

It's a journey to yourself

It's an escapade

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