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1.   Who runs the Atelier ESCAPADE?
Marie Bäumer personally guides you through the ESCAPADE studio.

   In which language will Atelier ESCAPADE take place?
The Atelier ESCAPADE is aimed at the participants (German, French and English).

3.   Is experience with horses a requirement?
No, experience with horses is not a requirement. Each participant is picked up from where he is dealing with horses. Our most important concern is that everyone feels comfortable and safe when dealing with the animals.

4.   will we ride
No, there is no riding at Atelier ESCAPADE.

5.   How big is the group?
The groups consist of 8-10 participants. Here we pay particular attention to the personal consideration of each individual participant.

6.   Will it be carried out in a group or in individual sessions?
The implementation takes place in the group. Within this, individual encounters between humans and horses take place. The other participants watch, we observe and learn from each other.

7.   Does Marie Bäumer also offer individual sessions on site or online?
No, the Atelier ESCAPADE only takes place on site in a group. Marie Bäumer does not offer any individual studios. We have various coaches in the team, such as Martina Bissing and Larissa Spinrad, who are available to provide support in individual sessions before or after the studio. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


8th.   Can my partner come and watch?

Yes, partners are welcome to take part in Atelier ESCAPADE, but only as full participants. Experience has shown that attending as a guest is not beneficial for either the guest or the group. We are planning an additional format in which Marie Bäumer will present Atelier Escapade to a large number of viewers.
The number of couples in the studio is growing steadily, for both of them the studio is a very enriching experience! However, just "watching" is not desired, since the studio takes place in a protected space for all participants.

9.   What clothes should I bring?
In Provence we are on a different latitude. We therefore recommend light and comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes. A light rain jacket and sweater should also be packed, depending on the weather and time of year.

10   Which arrival can you recommend?
It is important to us that your arrival is as pleasant as possible. From Marseille we recommend a bus or train to Carpentras or Pernes. At that point at the latest, we recommend a rental car.
Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Avignon TGV (Castle Domaine de Brantes approx. €30, Lusitano stud farm Delgado approx. €55).

11.   Is there a transfer from Marseille or Avignon TGV airport?
We can organize a transfer upon request, but this is not guaranteed.
From Avignon TGV to Sorgues this is €30.
From Avignon TGV to Monteux at 40€.
Pickup from Marseille starts at €80.
Alternatively, you can take a taxi (see above).

12.   Do I need a rental car?
We recommend booking a rental car for your stay. We are located in a very quiet, rural area, where neither public transport nor supermarkets are within walking distance. Otherwise, our participants organize themselves on site and share the available cars to drive to dinner in the evening or to go on excursions to the nearest cities.

13.   Until when can I check in at the Lusitano stud farm of the Delgado family or at the Domaine de Brantes castle?
Out of consideration for the Delgado family: no later than 8:00 p.m.
Out of consideration for the de Brantes family: not after 8:00 p.m.

14   How are the meals organized?
Meals during the duration of the Atelier Escapade are booked separately in connection with the accommodation. Meals (full board) are included in the price of accommodation. Only alcoholic drinks are paid for separately on site. We also live the values of the ESCAPADE with the meals. A wonderful, wholesome breakfast awaits you for an energetic start to the day. Lunch and dinner are vegetarian and freshly prepared on site. The origin of our food also plays an important role. They are all sourced locally and are organic in quality. Meals are all eaten together at a large table

15   What is the accommodation plan for during the Atelier Escapade?
Participation in the Atelier Escapade can be booked via the website.
The Atelier Escapade in the castle can only be booked in connection with accommodation on site. There are enough rooms in the castle for all participants.
There is only a limited number of rooms available for the Atelier Escapade on the stud farm. You have the opportunity to book charming accommodation in the vicinity. We have prepared a list of selected addresses for you. Please book accommodation outside the stud independently.
IMPORTANT: Please contact us in any case and let us know your booking requirements so that we can coordinate the accommodation with the castle and the stud farm. Please send an email to:

16   Can I bring a personal concern/topic and work on it?
Yes, this serves as preparation for the ESCAPADE. It is sufficient if you describe this briefly and concisely.

17   Please note that the AE does not replace psychotherapy or the work of a psychologist. We at AE cannot assume any responsibility for people who require individual psychological support.

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